We became interested in natural therapies because of our own health problems, to which academic medicine turned out to be helpless.

The search for effective therapy led me and then my wife to the hirudotherapy clinic. Since then, leeches have been a boost to the health of my wife and myself. Leeches and their healing properties immediately aroused my fascination which inspired my wife, and since then we have been constantly exploring our knowledge on the subject.

Today we are qualified hirudotherapists. We are members of the British Association of Hirudotherapy where we have completed a hirudotherapy course. We have also completed courses organised by Bio-Gen and Parmed.

The leeches we use are bred in special, sterile laboratory conditions and hold a safety and hygiene certificate. Each leech we use is disposable; it is put to sleep and disposed of immediately after the procedure.

"The medical art is to entertain the patient, while nature heals" - Voltaire