What is leech therapy?

Leech therapy is not a surface treatment. It is a complex, holistic treatment for the entire body and it does not only benefit one organ.


What are the risks of leech treatment?

There is a potential risk of the transmission of human-specific bacteria found in the gut of leeches which can prevent blood coagulation. To prevent this we recommend a complete application - staging - with a maximum shutter speed, up to full saturation and self-detaching leeches. In the rare case of transfer of bacteria from leeches, as manifested in an excessive reaction from the application (redness, itching, swelling), the user should take a course of antibiotics. It is possible that infection could be an effect of poor post-treatment hygiene and not following advice given by the hirudotherapist.


Is the treatment painful?

Some clients have experience of no pain and others can feel a fleeting, sharp pain, something like a mosquito bite. This might last for 5 to 10 minutes as the leech secretes a local anaesthetic into the wound as it feeds, which numbs any pain.


How long does the treatment take?

The procedure takes up to 2 hours. Length of treatment depends on the amount of the leeches, the places where they are applied, the type of disease and its severity, and the patient's condition, age and weight.


For how long will I bleed after the treatment?

The bleeding might last for up to 24 hours. Usually bleeding stops between 4 and 12 hours.


Where do the leeches come from?

We only use leeches bred in isolated laboratory conditions. They are certified and safe to use.


Are leeches single-use only?

Yes. Leeches are used only once and treated like a single-use needle. After the treatment they are safely disposed of.


How many treatments are required?

It all depends on the severity of the disease you suffering from. Usually between 5 and a maximum of12 treatments are performed, at intervals of 4-7 days, followed by a 3-6 month break.


How do I prepare for the treatment?

Do not use fragrant soaps, perfumes, deodorants or creams for 1 day before the procedure as the skin should have a neutral smell. It is recommended to have a relaxing bath before the treatment to keep your body warm which will help the leeches to attach quicker. It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol before the procedure; drinking strong coffee and tea is not recommended. Please discontinue antidepressants, sedatives and sleeping pills for 2 days before the procedure. Before treatment, blood thinning medications (anticoagulants), cardiac medications, hormones, steroids and antibiotics should be withdrawn or restricted as much as possible (under medical supervision).


What makes the leech therapy effective?

The effect depends on:

  • the stage of the disease
  • the work of the immune system that helps fight the disease
  • the patient's cooperation, attitude and compliance with recommendations
  • the frequency of application procedures.


Can leeches help with a dry cough, pneumonia and bronchitis?

Applying leeches very quickly reduces mucus, which causes inflammation to disappear and helps the cough to subside.


Can you apply leeches on meridians?

Attaching leeches into the skin acts like acupuncture, because it irritates receptors present in the skin. Therefore, when performing the procedure, it is safe and recommended to apply leeches on meridians or acupuncture points, which supports and accelerates the healing of the body.


Where is the treatment performed?

We are a mobile clinic and treatment is performed at the client’s premises. This is for your comfort and safety. 


What is the cost?

For the cost, please see our pricing list