On the day of treatment, the patient is obligated to fill in the questionnaire which gives us information on indications and contraindications, and the patient’s expectations of the leech therapy are discussed.

The number of leeches and amount of sessions will be agreed.



The procedure is performed using disposable materials, including leeches. Leeches come from special farms and are used only once.

Before proceeding with the proper treatment, the patient is informed about the therapy process and the sensations that may occur after leeches are attached to the patient. Some of the clients experience no pain and others can feel a fleeting sharp pain, something like a mosquito bite. This might last for 5 to 10 minutes as the leech secretes a local anaesthetic into the wound as it feeds, which numbs any pain.

This instruction is very important because we want the patient to feel comfortable and stress-free.

Depending on the part of the body being treated, the patient will be asking to sit or lie down on his stomach or back.

After removing the leeches and disinfecting the wound, sterile dressing will be applied and information on how and when to change it, as well as other important advice, will be provided.