Leech treatments are simple, inexpensive, and can be conducted at home.

The treatment can be used as a sole approach to healing, as well as in combination with other treatments. In nature, leeches attach to animals and suck out small amounts of blood as food. Leeches used for medical treatment are known as Hirudo medicinalis and are specially farmed.

Medical leeches have stimulated human imagination for centuries. Their close contact with people caused various symbiotic relationships in which the medical leech found its place in the history of medicine and human culture.

It is known that the ancient Egyptians recommended leeching to suck toxic blood. Bloodletting practices, among others, have been used in ancient Greece and throughout medieval Europe. Its popularity flourished in the 19th century, and in France over 80 million leeches were sold annually.

Until the mid-nineteenth century, treatment with leeches was used mainly by the so-called ‘quacks.’ Conventional medicine has refused to recognise leeches as an effective method. However, numerous studies confirm the effectiveness of the use of medical leeches in the treatment of many diseases. Currently, treatment with leeches - hirudotherapy – are coming back into favour. Leeches are currently the strongest known drug that improves the functioning of the human circulatory system.





Scientific research reveals that the beneficial effect of leech therapy occurs via blood suction, blood decongestion and the injection of a cocktail of several medicinally useful bioactive molecules. A leech is considered an excellent live pharmacological laboratory. 


Leech salivary glands secretions contain the following compounds:


HIRUDIN - protein substance that prevents blood from clotting.

BDELINS – inhibitors of prostheses such as trypsin, chymotrypsin and plasmin, which are factors of inflammation and can spread over tissue. 

HIRUSTASIN - another recently identified anticoagulant produced by Hirudo medicinalis.

GILANTINE – protein containing large amounts of sulphur. It works as an anticoagulant and a powerful anti-metastatic drug.

APYRASE – powerful enzyme that liquefies blood (reduces its viscosity).

EGLINS – strong anti-inflammatory agent (inhibitor of inflammatory factors) and a very active antioxidant.

HEMENTIN – fibrinogenolytic enzyme capable of preventing blood clotting and breaking down (coagulating) already formed blood clots.

DESTABILASE – ferment characterized by a strong anti-aggregation effect that breaks down clotted blood.

HYALURONIDASE – double-acting substance. It is a strong antibiotic and a factor enabling rapid penetration of cell membranes, adjacent cells and body tissues, and helps increase the spread of all salivary secretions.

LIPASES and ESTERASES – substances that break down fats.

ANTIELASTASE – limits the activity of elastases, i.e. ferments that degrade skin elastin (slows down the skin's aging process).

BLOOD VESSEL EXPANSION SUBSTANCE – very similar to histamine, the organic compound that has not yet been identified.

NEUROTRANSMITTERS – biochemical compounds regulating the flow of electrical impulses in nerve cells.

CHLOROMYCETIN ANTIBIOTIC – has a very strong antibacterial effect.

FACTOR Xa INHIBITOR – inhibits the activity of coagulation factor Xa (very important during the treatment of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis).

CARBOXYPEPTIDASE-A-INHIBITIORS - increase the inflow of blood.

COLLAGENASE - reduces collagen.

COMPLEMENT INHIBITORS - replace natural complement inhibitors if they are deficient.

ANTI-NEOPLASTIC SUBSTANCES (Amazon Leech) - in scientific experiments conducted on mice with T 241 sarcoma implanted in a laboratory, the growth of cancer tumours was suppressed, as well as their regression after using leech salivary gland extract.


Prevention is better than cure.


It is scientifically proven that after 30 years of age the human body begins to grow old, and the pathogenic processes of various latent diseases that do not give any symptoms or ailments begin. To prevent the development of disease, every person who reaches the age of 30 should cleanse the body of toxins through leeching treatments at least twice a year. Such preventive treatments are not directed at treating a specific ailment, but are an invaluable support for the body to prevent illness. People in the 30-60 age range are recommended to use 20-25 leeches during the entire therapy (6-8 treatments).

Regular Hirudotherapy should take place every 6 months. It is an ideal remedy for most diseases and somatic processes, i.e. weakness of memory and concentration problems, deterioration of well-being and feeling of chronic fatigue, reduction of resistance to stress, sleep disorders and depression, ailments related to menopause, disorder and weakening of resistance to viruses and bacteria, and stressful situations that cause strong emotional tension.

Leeches stabilise and regulate the work of all cells, slowing down the aging process of the body. For people over 70 years of age, they improve general well-being, sleep disorders, memory impairment and atherosclerosis. People from this age group are recommended to use about 35 leeches during the whole therapy.

The main cause of diseases is a violation of the internal balance of the body, resulting from contamination with toxins and waste of metabolism. The large intestine, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, kidneys, blood vessels, connective tissue etc. are contaminated.

As a result of these contaminations, diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, varicose veins, cholesterol, kidney failure, allergies etc. can occur. Leech treatment is a type of vaccine that protects us against the harmful effects of civilisation.

To cure the disease you need to reach its cause and remove toxins and deposits from the body. Chemicals often treat the effect of the disease by going down to the other organs and can cause many other side effects, as per the saying "It helps to hurt many others."

Substances released in leech saliva heal not the organ and not the disease, but the cause of the disease and the whole body.

Leech treatment is applicable wherever we need to increase blood circulation within organs and tissues, reduce blood clotting, lower and regulate blood pressure, oxygenate blood, lower cholesterol, eliminate inflammatory processes, rebuild nerve connections, rebuild damaged tissue, cleanse deposits from internal organs, relieve pain, improve skin appearance, and improve sleep, appetite, mood and mental balance.


- Analgesic - pain relief;

- Anticoagulant - reduction of blood clotting;

- Anti-hypoxic - improving the supply of oxygen to tissues and organs;

- Anti-sclerotic;

- Beneficial effect on the whole organism - improves sexual health, sleep, appetite, mood and calms down;

- Energy-restoring energy therapy;

- Immunostimulatory;

- Lipolytic - breakdown of fat deposits;

- Lowering blood pressure;

- Lowering cholesterol, triglycerides;

- Internal cleansing organs;

- Anti-ischemic - improvement of blood supply to tissues and organs;

- Local anti-edema, anti-stasis, drainage;

- Restoring microcirculation;

- Restoring the permeability of the vascular wall;

- Anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic - extermination of microorganisms that caused inflammation like an antibiotic;

- Restoring endoecological balance;

- Restoring neuromuscular connections and proper impulse transmission;

- Dissolving cysts, scars, adhesions;

- Regenerative - rebuilding damaged tissue;

- Thrombolytic - blood clot destruction.