Medical leeches are gaining more and more recognition among athletes around the world.

Hirudotherapy repeatedly accelerates the process of returning to training after injury. The shorter the time from injury to treatment, the shorter the treatment time and the better the treatment effect.




Leech saliva is a unique, multi-ingredient potion. Hirudin, bdelin, eglin, hirustatin, hementin, hyaluronidase, chloromycetin and natural cortisol are just a few of the 160 ingredients. Their action gives excellent results in the therapy of sports injuries.

Hirudotherapy improves blood supply and innervation of damaged areas, regenerates damaged tissues, removes swelling, and affects rapid bone growth and tendon regeneration:

  • Achilles tendonitis, including chronic;
  • tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow;
  • fractures, sprains, dislocations;
  • muscle and tendon tears, untreated injuries;
  • bruises and hematomas, degenerations;
  • very effective as a first aid treatment.

Leech treatment improves blood circulation throughout the body while oxygenating all organs, thereby definitely improving the immune resistance of the whole body.



They are irreplaceable for torn ligaments and twisted ankles and knees. They quickly remove swelling and hematomas, clean the joint capsules and have anti-inflammatory and euphoric properties.

The greatest achievements were found in inflammatory, pain and thrombotic diseases, which is confirmed by many scientific papers. Professor Andreas Michalsen from the orthopaedic clinic in Essen compared a thousand patients with knee osteoarthritis who were treated with the latest drugs, with a second group who used leeches. The results were firmly in favour of leeches.